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30 Heart Consoling Sad Quotes, Status & Images


Sadness is an emotion that prevails on you when something unfair happens to you. If you fail in your goals and ambitions or in any exam of life, you become sad. When your expectations are not being fulfilled, you become unhappy and sad. Nothing seems to be going fine. You are in search of a quiet corner; you prefer to be lonely because the colors of the world disturb you as your inner condition isn’t in favor of fun and colors. Loneliness is itself a blessing that makes you aware of your own self, you identify your existence in this world and recognize your soul otherwise in this fast-moving world no one has the time to sit down and give some time to your own self. We forget ourselves and our soul misses us.

Sadness is thought to promote pessimism but let me tell you that it doesn’t always mean pessimism. Sadness over your failure should not let you down rather it should motivate you to work even more, with more dedication and enthusiasm because you should think of defeating your fate with your will. Such positive thinking leads you towards a life full of challenges and you fight for your aims and make your dreams come true and in this way you prove your worth. Today I have brought a brand new collection of meaningful sad quotes. I am sure you would like them. Share these quotes with your friends and do tell me if you liked my post. I will be looking forward to your feedback. Also, visit other quotes on my blog like Life Quotes.

The Person You Miss

sad quotes

Sometimes It’s Not The Person You Miss
But The Feeling And Moments You Had When You Were With Them.

50+ Heart Touching Quotes, Lines & Images

 God Give Us

sad quotes

God Gave Us Everything In Pairs
Two Hands Two Eyes Two Ear.
But Why Only One Heart?
Because He Gave Another
To Someone Else For Us To Go Find.

 I Wish

sad quotes

I Wish I Was Enough For Someone.

 My Silence

sad quotes

My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain.

 I Feel

sad quotes

I Feel So Alone Sometimes…..

 Tears Are Safety

sad quotes

“tears Are The Safety Valve Of The Heart When Too Much Preasure Is Laid On It.”

 Lost My Heart

sad quotes

Realized I Lost My Heart To Someone Who Doesn’t Care…..

And Found It Crying In The Corner.

 I Will Always Love You

sad quotes

I Will Always Love You…

 I Will Be ok

sad quotes

I Will be Okay Is That What You Want Me To Say?

 Behind Every Beautiful Thing

sad love quotes

Behind Ever Beautiful Thing, There is Dorme Kind Of Pain
– By Oylan.

 I Feel So Alone Without You

sad love quotes

I Feel So Alone Without You..

 It’s To Hard

sad love quotes

It’s So hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Remember.

 Be Careful

sad love quotes

Be Careful Who You Fall In Love With Cause Someone Somewhere Won’t Approve.

Inspire Some one You

sad love quotes

Inspire Someone You Love To Make Something Beautiful

 I Am Not Worthy

sad love quotes

I M Not Worthy Of Being In Love.

 There Is Nothing

sad love quotes

There Is nOthing With You.

 Never Make A Promise

sad love quotes

Never Make A Promise That You Are Not Sure You Cap Keep.

 What Do You When

sad love quotes

What Do You Do When The One Who Broke Your Heart Is The Only One Who Can Fix It???

 The Saddest

sad love quotes

The Saddest Thing Is When You Are Feeling Reall Down You Look Around And Realise That There’s No Shoulder For You To Cry On.

 Love Does Not

sad love quotes

Love Does Not Being And End The Way We Seem To Think It Does Love Is A War; Love Is A Growing Up.

 Too Young Too Dump

sad love quotes

Too Young
Too Dumb
To Realize Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

 Life Is Too Short

sad love quotes

Life Is
Too Short
To Spend Time
People Who
Suck The
Of You.

 I Miss Your Smile

love quotes

I Miss Your
But I Miss Mine
More 🙁

 It’s Hard To Answer

love quotes

It’s Hard To Anwer The Question
“What’s Wrong?”
When Nothings Right…

 Dear Heart

love quotes

Dear Heart,
Please Stop Getting
Involved In Everything.
Your Job Is To
Pump Blood That’s

 I Finally Get Over It

love quotes

Just Beacuse I Finally Got Over You,
Doesn’t Mean There Aren’t Days
When It All Just Comes Rushing Back.

 What Is Love

love quotes

Love Is The Person You TThink About
During The Sad Songs

 Dear Pillow

love quotes

Pillow Sorry For
All The

She Says 

love quotes

She Says
Nothing At All,
But Simply Stares Upward
Into The Dark Sky
And Watches,
With Sad Eyes,
The Slow Dance
Of Infinite Stars.
Neil Gaiman

Let Be Down


You Promised Not To Let Me Drown.

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