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Christian Gastaldi: A Forthcoming Collage Artist


Art comes in different types, styles, designs, and schools of thought. The progress of each type of art, from abstract, still life, to modern paintings, is driven by renowned masters and influential artists. In collage art, Christian Gastaldi has stood out as a unique artist who has his own unique way of demonstrating and producing masterpieces.

Who is Christian Gastaldi?

Christian Gastaldi is a French painter who was born in Sete, a small city on the Mediterranean shores south of France. He is mixed Italian, Spanish and French heritage, which he claims to be his source of inspiration. He left the small town of Sete after his studies, claiming the town had become too small for his pursuit of mastering his talent as a painter. The desire to venture fully into the world of art drove him to bigger cities where he could interact with other artists. The interactions helped nurture his creative abilities.

Gastaldi’s unique style

Gastaldi artwork has been hailed as more unique and modernized than that of other painters who rely on colors and brushstrokes to create their pieces. This is primarily because he uses waste papers from magazines, posters, and billboards to produce great collage masterpieces. He does this by working on smaller canvases on which he pastes pictures and letters from wastepaper to assemble amazing pieces of art. The brushstrokes in his work can be vividly seen through the torn out papers meticulously placed together to produce a chivalrous, colorful, and unique piece of art. Unlike other artists who paint directly on walls, Gastaldi’s work is done on portable canvas which can be moved to preserve the beauty wall.

Fine examples of Gastaldi’s work

Christian Gastaldi has done several collage arts including “C’est Mon Dada No. 62”, “La Liberté est un Collage”, and “L’art du Collage” which is done in three chapters. His masterpieces are published in a poem book called “Poems From Inaudible Voices.” His most recent work was in Barcelona, Spain where he participated in a competition about painting a hotel wall. Recently, Gastaldi has been collecting used papers from billboards and posters in the streets of Paris to create pieces of collage art.

Christian Gastaldi - Sous le Pont CLXIX

 Environmental recognition

This noble act has enabled him to be more recognized not only by his work as a painter, but by the environmentally friendly act of using what other people perceive as waste and using the materials to create art. He may be altering the meanings of the words and letters from used papers but he nevertheless restores words and pictures whose meaning was once forgotten and rebrands them anew. He is able to create a harmonious color scheme that mesmerizes viewers by its balance and motion while taking care of the environment at the same time.

Gastaldi’s inspiration to other artists

As a contemporary artist, Gastaldi has become an inspiration to many forth coming college artist. He has enabled many to create new ideas and style in the world of arts. In early days, paint was the only source of color but today Gastaldi has proven that waste paper too can be a perfect medium for art. He has opened the minds of many artists in finding creative and less expansive ways to create artistic masterpieces. He is an inspiration to artists who believe anything can be redesigned to produce a more distinctive piece of artwork. He clearly puts into practice the words of the old adage that says anyone can possibly accomplish what his or her mind conceives.

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